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Case Studies

Rozelle Public School

Rozelle Public School (RPS) is a local primary school in Sydney's Inner West focusing on quality teaching. It is a well respected school which in particular is recognised for its exceptional school community.

How did Rozelle Public School use qualitative research to inform strategy and build community engagement?

RPS wanted to understand the needs of its school community broadly as well as get important input into its upcoming three year Strategic School Plan. The school also wanted to explore reactions to the recently adopted flexible learning space and within this framework, the pedagogical learning approach currently being trialled in year 4.

Leapfrog Research undertook a broad consultation with RPS parents (6 focus groups), students (4 focus groups) and staff (11 phone interviews). This provided an opportunity for a good cross section of the school community to voice their opinions and participate in the school's development.

How did this market research add value for Rozelle Public School?

Based on our market research, RPS was able to better understand the needs of parents, staff and students, and RPS' performance to date in terms of meeting these needs.

Most importantly, the findings allowed Rozelle Public School to identify that they were largely on track in terms of their direction for the upcoming three year strategic plan. Leapfrog Research was able to recommend how they should refine and prioritise the key priorities..

The research provided important insights about the pedagogical learning approach currently being trialled. Leapfrog provided recommendations for how to better communicate with parents and manage parent expectations about the experience, to reduce concerns overall.

There was real value in the process itself. Parents, staff and students were very pleased to have the opportunity to participate and have their voices heard.

   Rozelle Public School
   Dee Why RSL Club

Dee Why RSL Club

Who is Dee Why RSL?

Based on the northern beaches of Sydney, Dee Why RSL is a large and vibrant local club. It is one of the largest clubs in NSW, with over 40,000 members.

How did Dee Why RSL use our market research services?

We undertook a comprehensive research program on behalf of Dee Why RSL, with both qualitative (12 focus groups) and quantitative research (online survey). A cross section of their members was invited to participate in the groups, providing the club with valuable feedback and a clear direction on which new member benefits to implement.

How did this market research add value for Dee Why RSL?

The market research outcomes provided tangible, valuable guidance for the club in updating and relaunching their membership program.

This project was conducted with our parent company Juntos Marketing.

National Library (ACT)

How did the National Library use our market research services?

We conducted a qualitative and quantitative study ‘to gain a better understanding of the usage behaviour, patterns and preferences of its on-site users and so develop service responses that meet the present and future needs of users of its facilities: on-site reference services, reading room facilities and delivery of items from the collection'. This study was a benchmark study, presented to the Board and repeated two years later to review attitudes.

Through extensive work with the National Library over a number of projects, Leapfrog Research has established the core drivers of various segments of the market. The research has been used to drive conceptual thinking about the services offered and to support development of the changing way in which services, exhibitions, and the new gallery space are utilised.

   Australian National Library (ACT)

RANZCR (Department of Health and Ageing)

How did RANZCR use our market research services?

The study was designed to understand the levels of awareness within the community towards careers in Radiation Oncology and to determine attitudes towards particular careers in the field both prior to and after one year of promotion and project initiatives.

The study was complex and investigated attitudes amongst both youth within schools, those in undergraduate courses at university and amongst stakeholders within the industry. It entailed conducting extensive qualitative research both in-depth and intercept interviews and was supported by quantitative research amongst stakeholders.

Moir Group

Who is Moir Group?

Moir Group is a finance and accounting recruitment firm. They wanted to gain a more detailed understanding of external attitudes in customer relations.

How did Moir Group use our market research services?

We conducted a research study that combined qualitative and quantitative research to consolidate the business environment around its brand values. The exploration of attitudes encompassed an innovative design to uncover insights into the impact of interaction between consultants, clients and candidates. The project focused on understanding attitudes towards service delivery and developed a platform of operational dimensions critical to business development.

   The Moir Group
   Parliamentary Library Canberra

Parliamentary Library (ACT)

How did the Parliamentary Library use our market research services?

The study incorporated both an in-depth exploration of all aspects of service delivery across the range of users of the Library in Parliament House in Canberra and measured attitudes towards the services provided.

The study represented a thorough review of all the services provided to staff and Senators and Members within Parliament. The findings enabled the Library to assess satisfaction with and use of its services to the range of users and to gain insights into the opportunities these services represent.


How did Oxfam use our market research services?

An online quantitative study was conducted with the Oxfam website visitors and non-visitors from internal lists. The objective of the study was to conduct a review of the Oxfam website amongst both supporters and non-supporters of Oxfam.

The study was used to develop psychographic profiles of visitors so that future strategy could be more tailored to visually accessible targets.

   Oxfam Australia


How did YWCA use our market research services?

This study was a qualitative study exploring the needs and attitudes of volunteers in Big Brother Big Sister programs set up to assist youth by providing support for young people who lack adequate role models.

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