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How did Mentor Walks use qualitative research to further understand the impact of the program on employment growth?

In order to secure further government funding Mentor Walks engaged Leapfrog Research to delve into the impact the program has on employment outcomes. Leapfrog Research designed and wrote an online survey for mentors and mentees to measure the impact of employment growth from the program, of sentiment on job growth, the underemployment and the positive/negative effects of the program on mental health.

How did this market research add value to Mentor Walks?

The data-driven marketing insights provided tangible, statistically reliable findings which showcase the value of Mentor Walks. The program has demonstrable employment outcomes but also has much wider impacts such as indirect employment creation, positive effects on mental health and benefits around networking, connections and sources of advice.

I was very happy with the work that Leapfrog Research did to help us better understand our candidate segments. Their strategic research insights and recommendations exceeded my expectations. Leapfrog provided excellent strategic direction and have allowed us to move forward with actionable, meaningful initiatives for our key segments.

Stephen Moir, Managing Director - Moir Group

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