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Case Studies


Kineo: leaders in digital learning solutions (Aged Care Sector)


In 2020 the aged care sector experienced enormous flux due to changing regulatory requirements, the Aged Care Royal Commission and COVID-19's impact on older people.

The sector was identified as a key growth area for Kineo APAC, whose learning solutions were well-suited to supporting the industry.

Leapfrog research recommended undertaking an extensive qualitative research approach, identifying key drivers, pain points and perspectives of a broad cross section of Learning and Development professionals within the aged care sector.


Leapfrog Research conducted thirty in-depth interviews with decision makers in learning and development within the aged care sector. They represented a cross section of private, not-for-profit and government aged care providers. Their roles included Heads of Learning and Development, Heads of People and Culture, Heads of Quality and Risk, Registered Nurses, and specialist sector consultants.


The qualitative research provided a strong understanding of the challenges faced by decision makers in this area. This research uncovered a range of insights and findings within five key areas:

  • Organisational challenges
  • Changing consumer profile
  • Workforce complexity
  • Accelerating the digital transformation
  • Growing role of Learning and Development.

These insights allowed successful implementation of the actionable recommendations resulting from this research.

Our sister agency Juntos Marketing used the research results:

  • To position Kineo as thought leaders in digital learning solutions within the aged care sector, and
  • To develop bespoke, easy-to-digest and engaging digital content, to improve awareness and engagement with Kineo, as part of a longer term, content-led engagement and nurturing strategy.

The video clips produced by Juntos Marketing in this project have performed significantly better than any other recent Kineo content receiving approximately 84,000 views in the first eights week of their launch.

Moir Group: Leading accounting and financial recruitment firm. (Professional services)

How did Moir Group use qualitative research to inform their approach to their candidates?

Moir Group, a firm specialising in accounting and financial recruitment, engaged Leapfrog Research to help them better understand their candidate segments. They wanted to validate their current segmentation approach and understand the behaviours, wants and needs of each segment in detail, in order to best engage with them. We conducted 30 in-depth phone interviews across Moir Group's key candidate segments.

How did this market research add value for Moir Group?

The research confirmed some existing corporate knowledge, but also revealed many new insights. It also helped identify some subtle, but important, differences between segments. As a result, Moir Group has been able to fine-tune its approach, as well as introduce new segment specific initiatives that will add significant business value.

   The Moir Group
   Australian online education

Australian online education provider. (Education)

How did the company use quantitative and qualitative research to inform the development of the Program?

This online education provider was tasked with developing a 'Women In Business Program' and engaged Leapfrog Research to provide insights that would feed into the Program development. Leapfrog Research conducted a state-wide online survey to collect quantitative data, coupled with a series of in-depth phone interviews to delve deeper into women's experiences of business.

How did this market research to provide clarity around their customer journey?

Based on the strategic insights and recommendations from our research, the client had a much better understanding of the ideal course content and structure; the main drivers for participation; appeal and barriers broken down by audience segment; key points of difference and suggested messaging for communication purposes. This information provided the foundations to build out a customer journey and specific customer pathways for key use groups.

Mentor Walks: Career Mentoring & Support Initiative. (Not-for-profit)

How did Mentor Walks use qualitative research to further understand the impact of the program on employment growth?

In order to secure further government funding Mentor Walks engaged Leapfrog Research to delve into the impact the program has on employment outcomes. Leapfrog Research designed and wrote an online survey for mentors and mentees to measure the impact; of employment growth from the program, of sentiment on job growth, the underemployment and the positive/negative effects of the program on mental health.

How did this market research add value to Mentor Walks?

The data-driven marketing insights provided tangible, statistically reliable findings which showcase the value of mentor Walks. The program has demonstrable employment outcomes but also has much wider impacts such as indirect employment creation, positive effects on mental health and benefits around networking, connections and sources of advice.

   Mentor Walks
   Digital workplace solutions

Aged care digital workplace learning solutions. (Health)

How did this company use qualitative research to better understand opportunities for future course development?

Given the rapidly changing nature of the aged care sector and the diversity across operators, the research was commissioned to gain in-depth customer understanding of the pain points, competitive environment, gaps and unmet training needs within the aged care eLearning market. 30 in-depth interviews were conducted with key decision makers within a wide range of not-for-profit and commercial operators throughout Australia.

How did this research add value to the client?

Clear and actionable insights were presented to the client and utilised to build their 5 year plan, target communications and adapt their offers to meet the needs of the market. The outcomes from this research will be used to develop a Courses Roadmap for the next 12-24 months to deliver revenue for the next 5 years.

Campion: Leading Australian education provider. (Education)

How did this Australian education provider use research to quantify new business opportunities?

Given the dynamic and changing nature of education, Campion wanted to consider innovative online approaches while balancing their exposure to risk. The key stages included a market evaluation to understand the overall landscape, market and competitor dynamics; qualitative research to explore the needs and views of key stakeholder groups, online surveys to over 1,300 respondents to validate findings and additional creative focus groups to refine and make tangible, the final recommendations.

How did this research add value to Campion?

The research provided a far deeper understanding of the current market landscape, uncovered unexpected gaps in the market and identified exciting opportunities. By combining qualitative and quantitative methodologies, the project was able to deliver greater certainty in terms of future business potential and likely market size, combined with powerful insights uncovered in the focus groups and in-depth interviews. The comprehensive research approach provided the rigour required to quantify new business opportunities prior to further investment.


I have engaged Juntos Marketing and Leapfrog Research to conduct several projects for Rozelle Public School. I have been delighted with their work and the strategic research recommendations they have provided, as well as the creative infographics they developed to communicate results in an effective and user friendly way.

They are great to work with and we now have an ongoing relationship, to build on our previous learnings as well as explore other aspects of our school's journey.

Stephanie Searle, Principal - Rozelle Public School
   National Library ACT

National Library ACT. (Government)

How did the National Library use quantitative and qualitative research to gain a deeper understanding of its on-site users?

We conducted a qualitative and quantitative study 'to gain a better understanding of the usage behaviour, patterns and preferences of its on-site users and so develop service responses that meet the present and future needs of users of its facilities: on-site reference services, reading room facilities and delivery of items from the collection'. This study was a benchmark study, presented to the Board and repeated two years later to review attitudes.

How did this market research add value to the National Library (ACT)?

Through extensive work with the National Library over a number of projects, Leapfrog Research has established the core drivers of various segments of the market. The research has been used to drive conceptual thinking about the services offered and to support development of the changing way in which services, exhibitions, and the new gallery space are utilised.

I was very happy with the work that Leapfrog Research did to help us better understand our candidate segments. Their strategic research insights and recommendations exceeded my expectations. Leapfrog provided excellent strategic direction and have allowed us to move forward with actionable, meaningful initiatives for our key segments.

Stephen Moir, Managing Director - Moir Group

RANZCR (Department of Health and Ageing)

How did RANZCR use quantitative and qualitative research to become better informed?

This quantitative and qualitative market research was designed to understand the levels of awareness within the community towards careers in Radiation Oncology and to determine attitudes towards particular careers in the field both prior to and after one year of promotion and project initiatives.

The study was complex and investigated attitudes amongst both youth within schools, those in undergraduate courses at university and amongst stakeholders within the industry. It entailed conducting extensive qualitative research both in-depth and intercept interviews and was supported by quantitative research amongst stakeholders.


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